Queer Heroes

A celebration of queer figures in both historical and contemporary times who have helped push forward arts, politics or science. A collaboration between 14 animators, the structure is based on the old Surrealist drawing game Exquisite Corpses.

Miss Gender

An exploration into the idea of gender being a construct. There is a spectrum and we all fall on it differently. Never before has society been more accepting and open to the idea of blurring the lines between what we know to be the norm. There is still a lot more to go but the more we push the boundaries the more we can express who we are.


What if your tribe within the gay community defined you. What if you lived with a real bear.

My Genderation: Alice & The Sun

Meet Alice, a charming and sweet lady, who always has a smile and positive things to say. The sun shone throughout filming, which completely reflects her happy soul. We heart Alice and think she's a total inspiration to us all.

A Delicate Love

Peter, a Maths student, works part-time in a delicatessen. When a handsome and sophisticated older man purchases exquisite delicacies, Peter cannot help but be drawn to him and his fantasy life gets way out of hand. A Delicate Love explores the pains and pleasures of coming out and the overwhelming power of fantasy.

The Closet

Reluctant to disclose his desire, a closet transvestite forms an unlikely friendship with a prostitute.

Curtain Down

A queer love story that takes a surreal but tender look at gender, identity and aging as our hero is forced to choose between career and love.


Sunday 17th of September 2017 at 04:00:00 PM

A selection of shorts, celebrating the LGBTQ community.

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