The project is sited in a sort of non-space, the Alley adjacent to The Printworks. Two performers will guard the space and welcome the visitors: “Welcome to a space without a use. Would you like to enter the space without a use?”

This is an Installation with participation, and draws on George Perec’s writing in Species of Spaces and other Pieces (2008), in which he considers the possibility of a space without a use. Uselessness, traditionally associated with failure and waste, here constitutes an alternative to the ubiquitous modern credo of productivity and purpose. Uselessness is claimed as that which renders us more human.

The work was first shown at the De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill as part of Slow Races (2014) and was more recently reconfigured for The Performance Arcade in Wellington, New Zealand, and sited in one of several shipping containers in Wellington’s harbour.

Installation with participation, devised by Claudia Kappenberg.

Presented by Claudia Kappenberg and Andrew Downs.

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